2014 Racing Schedule

Crew Wanted!

If you have had any previous experience sailing and would like to get out on the water as a crew member please come sign-up at the club or call our club manager Mike Smith at 634-3745.

Regular keel boat racing at LYC is on Thursday Evenings at 18:30 and Sunday Afternoon at 13:30.

Come ahead of time, introduce yourself and meet the racers. LYC welcomes visitors!

Lunenburg Yacht Club's racing program is active, competitive and great fun. Seasoned and novice racers compete on the pristine waters of Mahone Bay on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. They also compete in numerous regattas and inter-club competitions. 

This season we are pleased to have Thursday Evening Racing sponsored by Mahone Marine, North Sails/Yacht Shop, The Boat Locker, Lunenburg Boat Works

Tingley Paralympic Sonar crew tune up at LYC!  Visit their site.

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Special Events 2014

. LYC 2014 Sonar North American Championships Aug 6-10, 2014

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