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Dec 21, 2013

LYC Strategic Planning Committee- 2013/14 Core Group: Bruce MacDonald – Chairmen. John Roff – Member LYC Harvey Heinrich –Member LYC Phil Gow (Past Commodore LYC) Mary Atkins (Commodore LYC The above people will be the core group, who will collect all data and meet with knowledge club members to assemble and understand the information. It is the intent to have a minimum of five (5) separate meeting with LYC board and members to gain input as an effort to make this Plan an all inclusive project. The core group will write the Plan and present it to the LYC board. The main impetus for this Plan is that in each of the past five plus years the club has lost money on its operations. It is the wish that a Strategic Plan will set out an improved model going forward that can be implemented by present and future LYC boards such that the club both achieves its members’ objectives and is financially successful. A great deal of the fact finding and data has been collected with the questionnaire and Town Hall Meeting. The committee needs to understand this information. To do so, small separate meetings on specific topics with key members/ interested people will take place during January 2014. By the end of February a complete report will be presented to the LYC Board, upon its approval, it is suggested that the Plan be presented to the Membership. The five (5) small specific meetings during January are: 1. Mission/Vision Statement. 2. Financial. 3. Food Services. 4. Learn To Sail (LTS). 5. Membership/Marketing Should members wish to convey their thoughts, please direct this to my email address: Regards, Bruce MacDonald


May 16, 2013

3 more days! Just 3 more days until opening day at LYC! We are all working hard to have everything ready for Opening Day this Friday, May 17th at 5pm. Chef Randall is back and will have a great menu ready for you. I am also pleased to announce that 2 wait staff from last year are returning. Tiffany and Kim are back and ready to meet your needs. We are also pleased to have joining us this year for wait staff, Sarah Mack and Breanne Fancy. Sarah is a local girl from Lunenburg and is eager to get started. Breanne is from just outside of Lunenburg and brings some great experience with her. In the off- season Breanne travels to Mexico and teaches diving. Joining Chef Randall in the kitchen this year, Matt Joudrey is coming back from last year, Paul Oickle is also coming back as well. Emma Beaton, another local Lunenburger, will be assisting the in the kitchen. On Dock and Grounds, we have returning Callum Smith and a new hire Colin Oxenham. Callum is very eager to assist everyone with the boating needs. Colin who hails from Bridgewater brings some experience with him. He has been boating for many years and also took sailing lessons at LaHave Yacht Club in the past. And of course joining us again this year is Gabe Braunert in the office. Your social committee will have the new LYC calendars available at the club very soon. The hope is to have them here for opening day. They will be a full year calendar with great full color pictures for each month. It is going to be a great weekend at LYC. As mentioned we are opening on Friday and on Saturday it is PUB NIGHT! We will be opening our doors at 5pm for dinner service and then at 8pm join Paul MacLellan and Ronnie MacEachern for some great live music. Chef Randall will have a great pub menu and will keep the kitchen open until 9pm. Sunday brunches are back! Served from 11am to 2pm. Next weekend, Saturday May 25th is our Opening Dinner. Chef Randall has a great menu all ready lined up. Reservations are requested as this event usually fills up quick. I will send out a menu a little later with pricing. As you can see we are ready to serve with exciting happenings. So, will we see you at the Club? See you soon folks! Mike Smith General Manager

- LYC Manager

Aug 31, 2012

Millsy’s GUMBO recipe:  125 ml ( ½ cup ) of vegetable oil  125 ml (½ cup ) of flour  Step 1 - combine both in heavy pot with med heat, sauté - stirring frequently until you get a nice smooth roux with a peanut butter colour or darker > ( takes about an hour )  0.5 kg ( 1 lb to 1.25 lbs) of Okra (fresh) or frozen/canned Okra if fresh not available  Step 2 - chop up Okra, in approx ¼ inch rounds and sauté in frying pan with some water or broth > (approx ¾ to 1 hour until slimness of raw Okra has almost dissipated ) - set aside  several celery stalks (fresh)  good sized onion (fresh)  garlic (minced fresh)  1 litre ( 4.25 cups ) of beef broth  Step 3 - chop up celery, onion and garlic and add with, beef broth to the darkened sautéed roux and bring to a low boil/simmer until onions are transparent. ( approx 15 minutes )  2 litres ( 8.5 cups ) of homemade chicken stock ( or pkg’ed chicken broth )  1 large can of stewed or diced tomato’s  1 pkg of cherry tomato’s ( scald and peel skins off )  1 red pepper - chopped up  1 green pepper - chopped up  Spice package - ( several Bay leafs, handful of chopped fresh basil, 30 ml (2 tbsp ) black pepper corns, 15 ml ( 1 tbsp ) sea salt )  1 kg ( 2.2 lbs ) fresh chicken breast ( cut into small bite sized pieces )  0.5 kg ( 1 lb ) Andouille sausage ( cut into ¼” thick slices )  handful of chopped fresh thyme  5 ml ( 1 tsp ) cayenne pepper  125 ml ( ½ cup ) wild rice  Step 4 - add ingredients above and let mixture simmer ( for 1.5 to 2.0 hrs ), stirring occasionally During simmering process add spices and hot sauces to your liking such as Cajun Sunshine, Creole and Cajun Seasoning’s of your choice and taste.  0.5 kg ( 1.0 lb ) of fresh shrimp ( or thawed frozen )  15 to 30 ml ( 1-2 tbsp ) of “file” powder ( ground sassafras leaves )  Step 5 - add shrimp and simmer ( DO NOT BOIL ) for, ( approx 10-15 minutes ), stir occasionally and when ready, remove spice package and serve. Note: Separately cook a batch of good quality white rice to suit # of servings required and when ready, ladle “gumbo goodness mixture” over bowl of rice and serve. ENJOY ! !

- Mike Smith

Jul 22, 2012

TGIF AT LYC, THE OLYMPICS ARE STARTING!!! There is a lot going on at LYC these days. Today was simply a gorgeous day after the glorious rain we had yesterday and this morning. As stated in the opening line, TGIF this Friday at the club. It is sponsored by Gordon, Carlyn and Pamela Baltzer and their great friend Penny Hustins. And when they put on a TGIF you know it’s going to be MARITIME NIGHT! We will start the evening off at 6:45pm with hor d’oeurvres and then dinner at 7:30pm. Chef Randall has an incredible menu for Friday evening; Let’s start with; - House Salad or Caesar Salad Then you will have the choice of; - Chorizo Stuffed Chicken Breast with a red wine mushroom sauce $17 Or - Panko & Lemon crusted Haddock with a sweet pepper tartar sauce $15 Or - Maple Chipotle Ribs 1/3 rack $14 ½ rack $18 *All mains are served with your choice of roasted baby red potatoes or rice pilaf and served with fresh vegetables. Now, for Dessert; - Apple Crisp $4.50 Or how about, - Chocolate Mousse Pie $4.50 HST and gratuity will be added to final bill It is going to be a great night folks so get your RESERVATIONS in for this Friday at the Club. Now, don’t forget the Olympic Opening Ceremonies will be on as well and we will be showing them starting at 3pm on the TV at the Club. So don’t let that be your excuse not to come to TGIF this Friday because we will have this exciting event on. So remember, make your RESERVATION! Thanks folks, and see you at the Club!

- Mike Smith

Apr 6, 2012

Spring 2012 Dear LYC members, The pieces for an outstanding summer of 2012 are coming together at LYC. Docks and marinas are afloat, more and more boats are in the water, and the clubhouse is running full bore with three big events last week. There are just a few days until the red shape goes up on the year’s first Thursday night race. Summer is heating up and there will be no better place to be than LYC. Take a look at our calendar at to catch up on all the plans. On the water There’s plenty to look forward to on the water. For keelboat sailors, we have the usual Thursday night and Sunday PHRF racing and are expecting to top last year’s record turn-outs. Rear Commodore Ian Mann has put together a full schedule of races and Michelle Stevens has generously stepped in to sponsor the Thursday night series with a terrific array of prizes. Ian asked me to also remind everyone of Race Week in a Day on July 7th, which will see the Chester fleet make yet another futile trip across the bay to try and win back the Mahone Bay Challenge Cup. Tuesday night is one-design night, with Sonars and dinghies facing off on an inside windward-leeward course. Remember that the club 420’s are available to members free of charge for Tuesday nights; there’s no reason we shouldn’t get ALL the 420s out every week at that price! The optimum crew weight range for a 420 is 250 to 300 pounds, perfect for parents and kids who’d like to to sail together. Lasers, Radials, Opti’s and anything-else-that-floats are also welcome on Tuesdays. Start time is 5:30 but latecomers are encouraged to join in as we hope to run several short races each night. Our fledgling Sonar fleet continues to grow, and is up to seven boats now. On top of the regular racing program, the Sonar sailors are hosting a day of sailing and racing on Saturday July 21st as part of the LYC open-house. Everyone, young and old, is welcome to come out and try their hand at these extremely popular one-design keelboats. Please feel free to approach any member of the Sonar fleet about getting involved, whether as crew or becoming a Sonar owner. If in doubt, you can reach one of us through the club manager. Learn to sail is gearing up, with the spring session and high-performance clinic starting June 25th (yes, we realize that’s technically summer). Sessions will run continuously through the summer until August 24th with a full range of levels from the very popular Wetfeet program for 5 to 8-year-olds through the beginner and advanced Opti’s, double-handed in 420’s and Echo’s, and the race team. We’re very pleased to have Breugh Wood back as head instructor this year and look forward to a terrific season. Adult learn-to-sail takes place on Monday nights, a great way to recover fading skills or build new ones. A new initiative I’m especially excited about is our effort to make LYC the Sail-Able centre for the South Shore. This is an opportunity to harness our sport and our terrific facility to help improve quality of life in the local community. Past Commodore Ron Whynacht has been in extensive discussions with the Nova Scotia Sailing Association and three levels of government. The club will join NSYA and Sail-Able in hosting a lunch hour BBQ on June 28th to showcase the benefits of Sail-Able to people in the community, local government, and organizations that work with people with a disability. Events The Halifax BMW J29 North Americans is planned for August 9th to 12th, and with 16 boats already registered promises to be a centerpiece of the summer. Indomitable North Sails PRO Andreas Josenhans will fly flags and fire guns, backed by the same dodgy band of misfits that’s worked the one-design regatta for the last seven years. If organizers reach their 20-boat goal, this will be not only a record event for the venerable J29 class but a very big weekend for LYC. The crew weight limit for this event is 1,600lbs, which translates to about nine average-sized people per boat. At 20 boats, that’s 180 sailors. So expect a busy few days at 734 Herman’s Island Road! You need only glance at the calendar to see that LYC’s social committee, led by intrepid board member Greg Cameron, has been hard at work setting up a smorgasbord of summer activities. Highlights include cruises to Deep Cove and Lunenburg Harbour, LYC’s Gala on July 14th, open-house July 21st, and Mardi Gras on August 24th. There’s much, much more, and more to come if I know Greg and his team. Stay tuned to Mike’s ehoys. Your club While there’s a lot planned, the club has plenty of room for more. If there’s something you’d like to see, the board is here to serve. Please let us know. For example, we have a group putting together a series of weekday morning fitness and yoga classes through the summer (information will go out on this soon). There’s no charge to use the club for this kind of thing, and participants will chip in to pay the instructors. Interested in kayaking or rowing? Bridge or chess? Bringing in your favorite local band? Jam nights? Hosting a speaker on world cruising, engine maintenance, Baltic herring dishes or Italian renaissance architecture? We don’t have a lot of capital to invest in new equipment but will otherwise do everything we can to accommodate ideas that get members and guests out enjoying their club and the beautiful waters of Mahone Bay. See you soon at the club, Phil Gow (Commodore 2012)

- Phil Gow